Learn how to Use Google News RSS in Stock Spy

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Most investors don't realize that you can use the Google News search engine as a news feed (about RSS Feeds) for your stocks. You can use the vast resources of Google to help give you an edge in the stock market. It works for both the News and Blog search. The best thing about it is you can very easily load the feeds into Stock Spy!


  1. Go to the Google News or Blog Search homepage:
  2. Type the search phase you want to use to create the RSS feed. Don't be afraid to experiment to see which query gives the best result. For example, you can try: the company name, ticker symbol, the name of the main product the company produces. You can focus your search if you want and create searches for the names of the CEO and key management. Keep in mind that Stock Spy will analyze this feed for financial keywords just like any other RSS feed.
  3. Click the "Search News" button
  4. Click on the link which says "RSS" on the right side of the page.
  5. Copy the URL of the feed from the address bar. Make sure you copy the feed URL and not the results page URL.
  6. Open Stock Spy if you don't have it open already.
  7. Go to the Feed Manager by clicking "Options" - > "Manage Feeds..."
  8. In the left symbols panel click the symbol of the company you searched for.
  9. In the "Feeds" panel click the "Add" button and paste the URL of the feed.


Now you create news histograms and symbol news alerts using this feed just as any other feed. The combination of Stock Spy NewsCharts and NewsAlerts with Google news search creates a powerful research tool for investors.